Does India need uniform national code right now? September 19, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

I am completely gobsmacked to see that while many political parties demand uniform civil code in our country even though they know fully that it is a herculean task as every religion follows their own rules and no religion is ready to compromise on certain fundamental principles but they never demand the uniform national code. This alone explains that since last 70 years all attempts to create a uniform civil code have gone in vain. Yet even the ruling NDA is still making all out efforts to ensure that uniform civil code is enacted at the earliest.

What shocks me most is that even the ruling NDA has never spoken of enacting “Uniform National Code” nor even uttered it in any public platform even though it has recently asked even Law Commission for giving its views on uniform civil code! It is most disconcerting to see that raising anti-India slogans and pro-Pakistani slogans is becoming very popular in India these days yet Centre does not even talk of enacting “Uniform National Code” at the earliest! Why?

Does Centre feels proud when it hears anti-India slogans being raised? Why Centre fails to take strong action against anti-India elements? Why Centre allows the raising of flags of Pakistan in India and dismisses it lightly? Why Centre fails to appreciate that earlier anti-India slogans could be heard only in Valley but now you can hear then in Patna as we are hearing in news channels right now even while I am writing this, in Bengal and most importantly right at the heart of India – in capital Delhi?

Why is Centre not creating a Uniform National Code? Why is Centre not terminating citizenship of those Indians who chant pro-Pakistani slogans, anti-India slogans and burn Indian flags and raise Pakistani flags? Does Centre want that this dangerous trend should be emulated all over India?

Why is Centre not creating a Uniform National Code which should be applicable on all Indians living in India irrespective of which religion he/she follows? It should be clearly mentioned in Uniform National Code that all Indians are duty bound to respect the sovereignty and integrity of India and no one has the right to raise anti-India slogans or pro-Pakistan slogans or slogans in favour of any foreign country! But why no political party in Centre dares to ever do this?

Why every political party fears losing the vote bank of those Indians who are pro-Pakistanis? Why are fundamental duties not made compulsory even after 70 years of independence? Why Centre does not deport Pakistanis to Pakistan? Why Centre allows Pakistanis to raise anti-India slogans and pro-Pakistani slogans in India?

Why Centre does not wake up even as Kashmir burns as people protest in support of terrorist who was killed just recently? Why Centre maintains relations with rogue nations like Pakistan who have been waging proxy war against India since last more than 40 years and has fought 4 wars with India till now? Why Centre does not enact such provision in Uniform National Code that it will maintain no relation with any nation that uses terrorists to spread mayhem and destruction in India? Why Centre does not create such provision that no person raising anti-India slogans, pro- Pakistani slogans, burning national flag and waving Pakistani flag will be tolerated in India for even a second? Why Centre does not advise such Pakistanis staying in India to go to their dreamland instead of staying in India and beating chest in support of Pakistan just like Adnan Sami who till some time back was a Pakistani singer but as his heart was in India, he took Indian citizenship and came to India?

Why Centre behaves in such a cowardly manner and instead invite Pakistani invaders like Gen Pervez Musharraf to India just two to three months after Kargil war in which we lost many of our soldiers and which he masterminded fully? Are politicians in Centre on pay roll of India or pay roll of Pakistani Army and ISI? A uniform national code must be created that provides for dismissal of any such government in Centre which glorifies Pakistani invaders like Musharraf which only further resulted in attack on our Parliament but still our politicians failed to wake up! Gen Musharraf even wanted to drop nuclear bomb on India as many in USA and UK have disclosed recently but they intervened and India still accorded him a grand reception like a royal emperor! Why? Why Centre never deliberates on this?

Why Centre awards Pakistan with Most Favoured Nation status and that too since 1989 even though they have never reciprocated and on the contrary they have intensified since 1989 the war against India on Kashmir and forced lakhs of Hindus and their Muslim supporters to flee Valley and many were even killed mercilessly? Why Centre after every terror attack says through some Ministers that “muhtod jawaab diya jayega” and “aab aur sahein nahin kiya jayega” then ISI agent are invited as we saw to visit terror spot in Pathankot even though Pakistan never reciprocates and never allows NIA or anyone from India to come to Pakistan?

Why most of the Indians take very lightly raising of anti-India slogans, burning of national flags, showing disregard to our national anthem, national song etc? Why Centre never makes any effort to declare Pakistan a terror sponsor country even though they decide to spew venom against India where ever they get a chance? Why Centre says that even those who raise anti-India slogans, pro-Pakistani slogans and burn Indian flags and raise Pakistani flags wherever they want and whenever they want must be tolerated quietly as it just does not make any difference? Why is Centre so casual on national matters?

Why Centre does not even think of enacting a uniform national code which should be applicable on all Indian citizens and there should be no discrimination in it against any religion, caste, community or sex or on any other ground? Why Centre and all political parties feel that raising of anti-India slogans and raising of slogans in support of terrorist should be treated very lightly and they must be treated like Indians and should never be sent to Pakistan even though they continuously chant “Meri Jaan Pakistan, Mera Kaleja Pakistan, Meri Dhadkan Pakistan, Bharat Ki Barbadi Taak Jaang Ladenge Jaang Ladenge, Ek Nahin, Do Nahin, Hazaro Tukade Karenge Bharat Ke”? Why is Centre tolerating supporters of terrorists based in Pakistan in India? Why a national uniform code is not enacted so that all those who indulge in anti-India activity are sent to Pakistan and not tolerated in India even for a second? Here no discrimination should be made on the basis of religion or on any other ground. Even if a Hindu or Christian raises pro-Pakistani slogans they must be deported to Pakistan!

It must also be provided in uniform national code that anyone who spreads dirt would be severely penalized and anyone who tries to spread hatred between different religions would have to undergo minimum 25 years of imprisonment. Why our politicians don’t even talk about it? Why they take everything so lightly? Why terror training factories have been openly operating in Pakistan since last four decades and still Centre tries to maintain a cordial relations with Pakistan and Indian PM like Narendra Modi sends a shawl for mother of Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif even as he himself calls terrorist in Kashmir as “freedom fighter” and openly rants against India? Uniform national code must provide for total boycott of rogue nations like Pakistan until and unless all terror training factories are closed down and even Centre must be forced to comply with it!

India is for Indians whether he/she is a Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Sikh is immaterial as that is just a religion but anyone who swears by Pakistan must be made to leave India as “India is for Indians and not for Pakistanis”. Yes, if some Pakistani wants to become Indian like Adnan Sami, he/she must be permitted after verifying their antecedents and taking a bond from them that they would not indulge in anti-India activity from Indian soil and if they do their citizenship would be terminated. In fact, this should be done with all Indians and this is what uniform national code must provide categorically!

It must be made mandatory for citizens to do their fundamental duty and not just keep on moving courts for enforcement of “fundamental rights” like freedom of speech and expression as provided in Article 19 of our Constitution after making most derogatory remarks against India and then claiming that it is their fundamental right as citizens and it is protected under the garb of “freedom of speech and expression”! Even the makers of Constitution never expected that any Indian would rant anti-India slogans and then demand protection as “fundmanetal right” under the garb of “freedom of speech and expression”! But yes, citizenship should not be forced on anyone living in India! Even if someone is Indian by birth and enjoys Indian citizenship but his heart is in Pakistan and loves to chant anti-India slogans and pro-Pakistan slogans as we saw in JNU and most recently in Patna then it is the bounden duty of Centre to make all arrangements for them to go to Pakistan so that they can see for themselves the ground reality of Pakistan which keeps begging in front of America and China for help even as America keeps attacking and killing their citizens by drone attacks as they have been doing since 2001 after 9/11 terror attack on WTC in America!

It must also be provided in the uniform national code that once any Indian leaves for Pakistan then he/she will not again be allowed to come back in India in their lifetime even though their children could be considered as they were not responsible for going to Pakistan! Indians must realize that citizenship of India is something most precious! For this to happen uniform national code must be enacted just right now!

(By Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate, Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh)

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