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Let me begin by saying that I am completely gob smacked and flabbergast to see how our PM Narendra Modi and Jammu and Kashmir CM Mufti Mohammad Sayyid are maintaining a conspiratorial silence time and again on few Pakistanis openly waving Pakistani flags and flags of dreaded terrorist organisation ISIS and burning Indian flags as has been widely reported in various news channels! No sovereign and self-respecting nation will tolerate this anti-national act! The worst part is that the perpetrators of the crime are neither arrested nor sent to Pakistan rather are allowed to roam as hero on the streets of Kashmir and further abet others to follow suit!

Before elections, Modi had promised that his government would not tolerate terrorists and terrorism on its soil but what we see now happening on the ground is entirely the reverse! Supporters of terror organizations like ISIS are openly waving their flags, chanting slogans in their support yet Centre watches all this like a mute helpless spectator! Only while on foreign tours and addressing President and high dignitaries of foreign countries do we hear PM Modi strongly vowing to have zero tolerance for all terror groups and exhorting all listeners that, “There are no good terrorists and bad terrorists”. Are the terrorists and their sympathizers who wave ISIS flags good terrorists that they are not even arrested and they are encouraged to regularly wave flags? Is this the way you treat sympathizers of most dreaded terror organization which indulges in most gruesome act of mindless violence and massacre of humanity?

I am most hurt whenever I see any Indian whether he/she is a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian or any person of any other religion shouting pro-Pakistani slogans and waving Pakistani flags! No self-respecting nation having the slightest of self-respect will ever take such anti-national activity lying down! Day in and day out, we keep seeing in different news channels how openly Pakistani slogans are raised and pro-Pakistani flags are waved especially in Kashmir without any compunction and yet our law enforcers keep watching all this like a mute spectator! It is a crying pity that neither Opposition leaders nor Muslim leaders all over India barring one or two exceptions denounce all this in the strongest possible language and demand strictest possible action against such traitors! Most hurting!

Enough is enough! Now not anymore! Centre must enact a law whereby all those who are not guilty of any killing or any other crime but who wave openly Pakistani flags or shout pro-Pakistani flags must be immediately deported or extradited to Pakistan! We have time and again seen Syed Ali Shah Geelani raising Pakistani flags and shouting pro-Pakistani slogans. Yet when they have to go abroad they claim Indian passport and Indian citizenship as Geelani himself recently applied. Under no circumstances should they be treated as Indians nor should they be given Indian passport or Indian citizenship.

Gen GD Bakshi (retd) rightly points out that such Pakistanis who swear by Pakistan must be immediately deported to Pakistan and not tolerated in India for a second! How can India tolerate Pakistan and ISI agents to freely indulge in anti-national acts and fund terror acts as has been disclosed in various news channels questioning the role of some Hurriyat leaders in receiving funds from Pakistan via Italy to finance 26/11 terror acts and yet they are not banned nor sent to jail nor sent permanently to Pakistan which they swear by? How can India allow such traitors to openly receive funding from Pakistani army, ISI and raise pro-Pakistani slogans and wave Pakistani flags and ISIS flags? But we see all this happening with impunity on our Indian soil!

Such traitors who enjoy Indian privileges, live in India and yet shout “My heart is in Pakistan, Meri Jaan Pakistan, Mera Kaleja Pakistan, Meri Dhadkan Pakistan, Meri Chhathi Pakistan” must be immediately sent to Pakistan. India is for Indians and not for Pakistanis. Whether such Pakistanis like it or not, Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and shall always remain so! No power can snatch away J & K from India!

It is only in India that you enjoy so much of liberty that despite indulging in all sorts of anti-national activity you are still treated as Indian. For how long will traitors and terrorists sympathizers be tolerated openly? For how long will Centre kowtow in front of such anti-nationals who are time and again burning our national flags yet no action is being taken against them?

This must end now once and for all. Why should those whose heart and soul is in Pakistan, beat their chest in India shouting Pakistan slogans or waving Pakistani flags be allowed to stay in India? If they have so much of love lost for Pakistan, they must immediately migrate to Pakistan.

Even if I myself ever in my life shout “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans and raise “Pakistani flags”, I should not be tolerated in India for a single second! Immediately the government should deport me to Pakistan so that I can see for myself what is the condition of Pakistan for which I am so mad! We all fully know what is the condition of Mohajjirs in Pakistan who migrated from India to Pakistan in 1947 and who are still treated as second rated citizens! Not only this, we also know how Shia Muslims are openly discriminated against and killed mercilessly by various terror groups operating under the open patronage of Pakistani army, ISI and government what to talk about people of other religions like Christians, Hindus etc and how terrorists are allowed to kill them! We also know how the people of Baluchistans are treated in Pakistan!

This alone explains why my best friend Sageer Khan said way back in 1994 that, “Muslims in India enjoy the best facilities all over the world. Each and every Muslim in India should be proud to be born in a secular and democratic country like India where Muslims enjoy equal rights in all matters and not discriminated against in any manner. It is only in India that Muslims can claim to worship at all those sacred places of Hindus where they have been worshipping since time immemorial. I personally feel that a true Muslim should never claim to worship at any place where Hindus have since ages been worshipping their respective deities just like Hindus never go to Mecca or Medina to worship. Those who are very attracted towards a failed state like Pakistan must not waste a single minute and should immediately leave for Pakistan where their heart lies! They should not stay in India for a single minute nor should India allow them to stay here!” Rightly said!

I am most shocked to see that all Prime Ministers right from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi very strongly believe that those who raise “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans and wave “Pakistani flags” must be not only tolerated but also treated like Indians, given Indian citizenship, Indian passports and all privileges which any other citizen of India gets! I beg to differ here.

Traitors can’t be given Indian citizenship nor treated like any other Indians. They have to be expelled from India and sent to Pakistan where their heart lies! They cannot be allowed to live in India and yet chant “Pakistan Zindabad” or “Meri Jaan Pakistan” or wave Pakistani flags! On this, our PM Narendra Modi will immediately retort, “Mr Sanjeev Sirohi you are not the Prime Minister of India. I am the Prime Minister of India. We have to tolerate, tolerate and tolerate. If we don’t tolerate, how will our nation run?” My reply will be, “Yes, you are not just PM but also politician. How can I understand politics being played at high level. I am a very small fry.” Now the situation has precipitated to such an extent that Indian flags are being openly burnt and flags of Pakistan and even terrorists organizations are openly waved!

Rajnath Singh who is our Home Minister just recently had himself said that India won’t tolerate quietly raising of “Pakistani flags” in India nor chanting of “Pakistan Zindabad” or “Meri Jaan Pakistan” but what action does he intend to take? Just no action and only talk, talk and talk! Much in the same manner as Pakistan since last few decades has been exporting terrorism to our soil and after every big terror attack our leaders reiterate their commitment to fight terrorism and Pakistan with full strength yet maintain relations with Pakistan instead of nuking all relations with Pakistan till it completely stops exporting terrorists to India, extradites all big terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed who is chief of Lashkar-e-Toiba, Syed Salaluddin who is chief of Hizbul Mujahideen, Maulana Masood Azhar who is chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad etc!

What is the result of all this? Pakistan feels most emboldened when our leaders say “We can change our friends but we cannot change our neighbours”. This sick mentality of welcoming Pakistani invaders like Gen Pervez Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war in which we lost thousands of our young soldiers in May –July 1999 who were slaughtered on his orders and yet three months later in October 1999, we welcome him like a royal king to India and our leaders of most of the national parties feel most proud in shaking hands with him, dining with him etc has only encouraged Pakistan to keep exporting terrorism to India and yet India keeps engaging them! India or rather its leaders who favour good relationship with Pakistan forget that, “You cannot expect a snake to not bite you just because you are feeding him milk or anything else and the same holds true for Pakistan!”

Justice Markandey Katju who is one of the most learned Supreme Court Judge that India has ever produced has himself called “Pakistan” and “Bangladesh” fake countries. They never deserved to be separated from India yet our leaders allowed it to protect their own political interest which they could not afford to risk under any circumstances! I will not go too much into past but yes one thing I would certainly emphasise at the risk of repetition : India must not now allow anymore partition in the name of religion! For this to happen, India has to be very firm in dealing with not only Pakistan but also all such people and leaders who stay in India, avail all benefits from India and yet shout “Meri Jaan Pakistan”, “Kashmir ko chaiye Azaadi” and wave pro-Pakistani flags and ISIS flags!
On a concluding note, let me say this most politely yet firmly that : Unless zero tolerance is displayed towards such anti-national acts, India cannot hope to stay united. More and more people will be encouraged to follow suit. ISI and Pakistan will exploit disgruntled Indians by either brainwashing them or funding them or by terrorizing them to raise Pakistani flags and pro-Pakistani flags as we also see right now happening before our eyes! Yet Centre keeps quiet and gives a muted response or at the most to assuage the feeling of patriotic Indians will tell a senior leader like Rajnath to say that, “India will not tolerate raising of Pakistani flags and chanting of pro Pakistani slogans” without doing anything on the ground!

Law must be enacted to extradite all those whether Hindu or Muslim or anyone else who shout pro Pakistani slogans or raise Pakistani flags to Pakistan as early as possible! They cannot be allowed to stay in India for even a single minute and yet spew venom against our motherland and indulge openly in anti-national acts! Why should they be even allowed to stay in Indian jails and eat food on Indian soil? They must be sent to Pakistan where their heart lies.

To claim Indian citizenship and Indian passport, they must prove their loyalty for India! They should not utter anything that is against India nor raise flag of any other country. If they are so fascinated towards Pakistan then why stay in India? Just leave India and go to Pakistan where their heart lies! Get firsthand experience of how Pakistan treats Indians who migrate to Pakistan!

India has gained independence after a lot of untiring and relentless sacrifice from people of all religions and few “Pakistan” chanting “Indians” cannot be allowed to endanger India’s unity and integrity at any cost and under any circumstances! They must be sent immediately to Pakistan by next flight or bus or train or by any other means! They cannot be tolerated anymore now in India!
But alas! That is next to impossible to happen because we have such breed of politicians ruling our nation who will never allow this to happen under any circumstances because they are not bothered about India’s national interests rather they are more bothered about their own vested political interests which they cannot afford to even risk under any circumstances even if our nation breaks to pieces in that process! PM Modi and J & K CM Mehbooba Mufti too are proving to be no different! How can they keep quiet and allow anti-Indian forces, Pakistan and ISI along with dreaded terror group ISIS to have the last laugh? Most disgusting!

What message are they sending? Are they not encouraging these sympathizers of terrorists? Why no action is taken on time? When will action be taken? When all over India we similarly see raising of anti-India slogans, waving of flags of dreaded terror groups like ISIS and hostile nations like Pakistan who always advocate cutting India to thousand pieces?

Why politicians ruling India behave so meekly while dealing with Pakistani supporters and terrorists supporters? Why such politicians invite ISI agents to investigate Pathankot terror attack when Pakistan flatly refuse NIA to even enter its soil? Why such politicians fail to realize the dangerous consequences of their cowardly actions?

When will they wake up? When will they enact a law that will make it mandatory for those shouting pro-Pakistani slogans and waving Pakistani flags to Pakistan? Will that day ever come? Or will they just always keep only resolving to fight terrorism with all their might and keep indulging in lip service only?

Ask our politicians who shamelessly love having photo-ops with Pakistani invaders like Gen Pervez Musharraf who has been declared a “proclaimed offender” in his own country and is facing various criminal charges like being involved in murder of former PM Benazir Bhutto, Imam of Lal Masjid – Abdul Rashid, leader of Baluchistan – Nawab Bukhti etc and also of overthrowing a democratically elected government and attacking the highest court – Supreme Court and defiling Constitution! What message do they send to people? How long will politicians of India appease Pakistan and shame our national pride by inviting Pakistani invaders like Gen Musharraf just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war?

(By Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate, Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh)

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