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    Communicative English


    Product Highlights

    “Discover ‘Communicative English and Business Communication’ by Dr. S. Priyadharisini and Dr. Kritanjali Konwar. Tailored for BA, B.Com, and B.Sc. 3rd Semester students at Dibrugarh University, adhering to the FYUGP (NEP) syllabus.”


    Communicative English and Business communication: Dr. S. Priyadharisini and Dr. Kritanjali Konwar for BA, B.Com & B.Sc. 3rd Semester students of Dibrugarh University as Per FYUGP (NEP) .

    Content :

    1)Introduction and Importance of communication:
    An overview
     meaning and process of communication
     organizational communication and its barriers

    2) Types of Business Communications
    Categories, methods and formats
    Business vocabulary
    Business idioms and collocations
    Organizational Hierarchy
    Various levels of communication in an organization
    Top-down, Bottom-up and Horizontal-Business reports presentations
    Online communications

    3) Receiving business communications
    Filing and processing
    Sending replies
    Writing Communications
    Characteristics of a good business communication
    Preparation of business meeting agenda, agenda notes, minutes
    circulation of minutes
    Presentations of communication using various methods

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