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    A Concise Book On WOMEN STUDIES


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    A Concise Book on Women Studies (With Historical & Political Perspective) with special reference to North East

    Author: Sanjay Sen & Jolli Dutta





    1.01: Origin, Definition & Scope of Feminist Movements

    1.01.1. Origin of Feminist Movements

    1.01.2 Development of Women’s History

    1.01.3. Indian Contest Feminism Nationalism Feminist Movement in India Historical Outlook Beginnings of the “Feminist” Movement in India

    1.01.4. Scope & Nature and Objectives of Women’s Studies The Main Objectives Of Feminism Are

    1.01.5. Hindrances or Difficulties

    1.01.6. Impact on Society

    1.01.7. Types of Feminists

    1.017.1. Liberal Feminism or Movement

    1.017.2. Radical Movement

    1.017.3. Marxist Movement

    1.017.4. Third World Feminism

    1.02. Sources for Reconstruction of Women’s History

    1.03. Key Concepts of Women’s Studies

    1.03.1. Gender and Sexuality

    1.03.2. Patriarchy

    1.03.3. Sexual Division of Labour


    2.01. Women in Ancient Indian Society

    2.01.1. Women in Vedic Age

    2.02: Status of Women in Buddhism

    2.03. Women in Mughal India

    2.05. Women in Medieval India

    2.05.1. Status of Women in Medieval Karnataka

    2.06. Woman in Modern India

    2.06. Position of Women in the Indian Civilization

    2.07. Changing Status



    3.01. Reform Movements

    3.02. Jyotiba Phule

    3.02.1. Pandita Rama Bai

    3.02.2. Rokeya Khatun

    3.02.3. Chandraprova Saikiani (1901-1972)

    3.03. Development of Women Education:

    3.04.2. The Hindu Women’s Right To Property Act, 1937



    4.01. Women’s Organizations

    4.02. Development of Women’s Organization

    4.02.1. National Council of Women in India (NCWI)

    4:03. Demand for Voting Right for Indian Women

    4.04. Women in Indian Freedom Struggle: Pre-Gandhian and Gandhian Phase

    4.04.1. Role of Women in Independence Movement

    4.06. The Contemporary Women’s Movement



    5.01. Women in the Northeast

    5.02 Women and Social Change in the Northeast

    5.03 Women and Globalization

    5.07. Women in Medieval Assam

    5.07.1. Society in Medieval Assam

    5.07.2. Patriarchy in Medieval Assam

    5.08. Social Reforms in 19th and 20th Century Assam

    5.09. Development of Women’s Organization in Assam and North East India

    5.0.10. Women in Freedom Struggle in North East India and Assam

    5.09. Contribution of Women to the Culture of Assam during the Ahom Period

    5.0.10. Role of Women in Politics and Administration during Ahom Period



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