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    Animal Diversity


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    Chapter- 1: Kingdom Protista 11 – 40
    General characters of Protista (Protozoa)
    Classification of Protista (Protozoa)
    Locomotory Organelles in Protozoa
    Life cycle of Plasmodium

    Chapter-2: Phylum Porifera 41 – 48
    General characters of Porifera
    Classification of Porifera
    Canal system in Porifera

    Chapter-3: Phylum Cnidaria 49 – 56
    General characters of Cnidarians
    Classification of Cnidaria

    Chapter-4: Phylum Aceolomates/ Platyhelminthes 57 – 66
    General characters of Platyhelminthes
    Classification of Platyhelminthes
    Life cycle of Taenia solium

    Chapter-5: Phylum Pseudocoelomates/ Nemathelminthes 67 – 77
    General characters of Nemethehelminthes
    Classification of Nemathelminthes
    Parasitic adaptations

    Chapter-6: Phylum Coelomate Protostomes/ Annelida 78 – 95
    General characters of Annelida
    Classification of Annelida

    Chapter-7: Phylum Arthropoda 96 – 197
    General characters of Arthropoda
    Classification of Arthropoda
    Social life in insects.

    Chapter-8: Phylum Mollusca 198 – 255
    General characters of Mollusca;
    Classification of Mollusca
    Pearl Formation

    Chapter-9: Phylum Coelomate Deuterostomes/Echinodermata 256 – 276
    General characters of Echinodermata
    Classification of Echinodermata
    Water Vascular system in Starfish.

    Chapter-10: Protochordata 277 – 280
    Salient features of Protochordata
    Phylogeny of Protochordata

    Chapter-11: Agnatha 281 – 283
    General features of Agnatha
    Classification of cyclostomes

    Chapter- 12: Pisces 284 – 303
    General characters of Pisces
    Classification of Pisces
    Osmoregulation in fishes
    Migration of Fishes

    Chapter-13: Amphibia 304 – 315
    General characters of Amphibia
    Classification of Amphibia
    Adaptations for terrestrial life
    Parental care in Amphibia.

    Chapter-14: Amniotes/Reptilia 316 – 349
    General characters of Reptiles
    Classification of Reptilia
    Origin of reptiles
    Terrestrial adaptations in reptiles.

    Chapter-15: Aves/Birds 350 – 373
    General characters of Aves
    Classification of Aves
    The origin of birds
    Flight adaptations in birds

    Chapter-16: Mammalia 374 – 409
    General characters of Mammals
    Classification of Mammalia
    Early evolution of mammals
    Dentition in mammals.


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