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    Concise book of Feminism


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    This book is written as per Generic Elective Syllabus of Political Science for 2nd Semester under Dibrugarh, Gauhati and other Indian Univeristies

    1.01. Meaning and definition of Feminism:
    1.02. Origin of Feminism:
    1.03. Development of Women’s History:
    1.03.01. Indian Contest:
    1.03.02. Beginnings of the “Feminist” Movement in India
    1.01.4. Scope & Nature and Objectives of Women’s Studies /Feminism
    1.04.1. The objectives of feminism:
    1.05. Hindrances or Difficulties:
    1.06. Key concepts in Women Studies:
    1.06.01. Gender and Sexuality:
    1.06.02. Patriarchy:
    1.06.03. Sexual Division of Labour:
    1.06.04. Public Private Divide:
    1.06.05. Nature -Culture Debates
    1.06.06. Gender Socialization: Gender Socialization in Childhood Agents of Gender Socialization
    1.06.07. Social Constructionism Versus Biological Determinism in Gender Difference:
    2.00. Approaches to the study of Feminism
    2.01. Liberal Feminism or Movement:
    2.02. Socialist feminism:
    2.03. Radical Movement:
    2.04. Marxist Movement or Feminism:
    2.05. Third World Feminism:
    3.01. Feminist movement in Western world
    3.02. The Seneca Falls Convention:
    3.03. Black Feminism:
    3.04. Women’s suffrage in the United States of America:
    3.04.1. New England Woman Suffrage Association
    3.05. Women’s suffrage in Britain:
    3.06. France:

    4.00. Genesis of Feminist movement in the East:
    4.01. Feminism and the Communist Revolution in China-Issues and debates
    4.02. Movement for women’s Emancipation-Rosa Luxemburg, Alexandria Kollontai,
    4.02.01. Rosa Luxemburg
    4.02.01. Alexandra Kollotai:
    4.03. Genesis of Feminist Movement in India:
    4.04. Women’s Organizations:
    4.05. Development of Women’s Organization:
    4.05.01. National Council of Women in India (NCWI):
    4.06. Gandhi and Indian Women
    4:07.Demand for Voting Right for Indian Women:
    4.08. Women in Indian Freedom Struggle: Pre-Gandhian and Gandhian Phase:
    4.08.1.Role of Women in Freedom Movement
    4.09: Women’s Revolutionary Organization:
    4.10. Womenin Revolutionary Movement:
    4.11. The Contemporary Women’s Movement:
    5.01. Women Oppression-Concept,Meaning& Definition:
    5.02. Types of Women Oppression:
    5.03. Family and Women Oppression:
    5.04. Different Types of Oppression in Indian Family System:
    5.05. Old Age and Problem of Women:
    5.06. Education and Women Oppression:
    5.06.01. Problem of Women in Education:
    5.07. Religion and Women Oppression:
    5.07.1. Different aspects of women oppression on the basis of Religion:
    5.08. Women Oppression and Economics:
    5.09. Women Oppression and Mass Media:
    5.09.01. Different dimension of Women Oppression in Media:
    5.10. Women Oppression and the State:
    5.11. Right to Property
    5.11.01. Customary versus Constitutional Law
    5.12. Gender Relations in India: Family- Matrilineal and Patrilineal; Women and Work.
    5.12.01. The Patrilineal System
    5.12.02. Matrilineality:
    5.12.03. Woman and Work:

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