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    Educational Administration and Management


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    Author : Dr. Sunita Agarwalla


    1. Educational Management And Administration
      1.1 Meaning, Nature & Scope of Educational Management
      1.2 Functions of Educational Management
      1.3 Types of Educational Management
      1.3.1 Centralized and decentralized
      1.3.2 External and Internal
      1.3.3 Authoritarian/autocratic/ democratic
      1.4 Difference between Management and Administration
      1.5 Management of Resources in Educational Institutions-
      1.5.1 Meaning and Types of resources: Human Resources, Material Resources and Financial Resources
      1.6 Some modern trend of Educational Management
      1.61. Management by Objectives
      1.6.2 Total Quality management
      1.6.3 SWOT analysis
    2. Educational Leadership
      2.1 Meaning and definitions of Educational Leadership
      2.2 Nature of Educational Leadership
      2.2 Function of Educational Leadership
      2.3 Principles of Educational Leadership
      2.4 Styles of Educational Leadership: Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez faire
      2.5 Factors influencing leadership styles.
      2.6 Essential qualities of an Educational leader
      2.7 Leadership Development Programmes
      2.8 Role of Educational Leader in ensuring quality of Education
    3. Educational Planning
      3.1 Meaning and Nature of educational planning
      3.2 Scope of educational planning
      3.3 Need of educational planning
      3.4 Principles of educational planning
      3.5 Types of Educational planning
      3.5.1 long term planning
      3.5.2 short type planning
      3.5.3 grass-root level planning
      3.5.4 institutional planning
      3.6 Factors affecting educational Plan
      3.7 Concept and importance of School Development Plan
    4. Educational Supervision
      4.1 Concept and Characteristics of Educational Supervision
      4.2 Objectives of Educational Supervision
      4.3 Scope of Educational Supervision
      4.4 Functions of Educational Supervision                                                                                                                    4.5 Difference between Supervision and Inspection
      4.6 Factors influencing effectiveness of supervision
      4.7 Qualities of a Good Educational Supervisor
      4.8 Problems of conducting educational Supervision
    5. Management issues in Educational finance
      5.1 Meaning of educational finance
      5.2 Nature and scope of educational finance
      5.3 Principles of managing educational finance
      5.4 Role of finance committee
      5.5 Maintenance of records in educational finance
      5.6 Use of computer in management of finance
      5.7 Budget: concept and components, process of preparing institutional budget
      5.8 Sources of Educational Finance:
      5.9 Public Private Partnership in financing Education

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