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    Financial Accounting


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    Chapter 1: Meaning and Types of Accounting
    Chapter 2: Accounting Principles with GAAP
    Chapter 3: Accounting Standards with IFRS
    Chapter 4: GST (Goods and Service tax)
    Chapter 5: Recording of Transactions- Journal and Voucher
    Chapter 6: Ledger and Trial balance
    Chapter 7: Subsidiary books of Accounts
    Chapter 8: Preparation of Profit and Loss Account and Balance sheet
    Chapter 9: Inventory Valuation
    Chapter 10: Accounting for Depreciation
    Chapter 11: Measurement of Business Income
    Chapter 12: Capital and Revenue
    Chapter 13: Accounting for Inland Branch
    Chapter 14: Hire Purchase and Installment Accounting
    Chapter 15: Accounting for Dissolution of the Partnership Firm
    Chapter 16: Consignment Account
    Chapter 17: Joint Venture
    Chapter 18: Computerized Accounting system

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