History of Ancient Assam


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From The Earliest Time to 1228 A.D. :

Content :

1.01: Sources: Archaeological, Numismatic, Epigraphy, Literary Sources
1.01.01. Literary Sources: Indigenous literary sources: Foreign literature
1.01.02. Archaeological sources: Inscriptions of early Assam: Coins or Numismatic sources: Material Remains:

2.01. Origin and Antiquity of Ancient Assam, location, origin of the name of Assam
2.01.01. Origin and antiquity of the name of Pragjyotisha and Kamrupa:
2.02. Geography:
2.02.01. Boundary of Assam:
2.03. Assam and its People:
2.03.01. Language of Assam:
2.04. Climate of Assam:

3.01. Legendary period-Naraka and his successors
3.01.01. Danava dynasty: Narakasura: Bhagadatta: Vajradatta: Banasura:
3.01.02. Bhismak:

4.00. Historical Age:
4.01. Ruling Dynasties -Varmana, Salastambha and Pala dynasty
4.01.01. The Varman dynasty:
4.01.02. The Mlechchha or Salasthambha dynasty (650-55-900):
4.01.03. The Pala dynasty (900-1100 AD):
4.02. Decline of Kamata Kingdom:
4.02.01. Kamrup and the Turk-Afghan invasions (1206-1257):Unit-V:
5.00. Society of Ancient Assam
5.01. Development of Caste System in ancient Assam,
Social Classes and Occupational Groups:
5.01.01. Caste System in ancient Assam:
5.01.02. Society in Ancient Assam:
5.01.03. Social Life in Ancient Assam:

6.00. Economy of Ancient Assam
6.01. Economic condition of Ancient Assam:
6.01.01. Land System
6.01.02. Crafts and Industries
6.01.03. Land System: Land Grant and Agrahara Settlements: The Land System
6.01.04. Agriculture, Trade and Medium of Exchange Agriculture

7.00. Religion of Ancient Assam
7.01. Religious Beliefs and Practices in Ancient Assam: Vaishnavism,
Saivism, Shaktism and Buddhism:
7.01.01. Tantrikism:
7.01.02. Shaivism:
7.01.03. Vaishnavism:
7.01.04. Saktism:
7.01.05. Buddhism:
7.01.06. Hinduism:
7.01.07. Jainism in Ancient Assam

8.01. Administration of Ancient Assam
8.01.01. Central Administration

9.00. Language and Literature
9.01. Language of Assam:

10.01. Art and Architecture

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