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    History of Ancient India


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    History of Ancient India : Dr. Suprity Barua Bhuyan & Dr. R. K. Sharma 

    “Discover the rich tapestry of Ancient India’s history in this comprehensive guide tailored for the First Semester FYUGP minor syllabus under the New Education Policy. Dive deep into the fascinating past of a nation that shaped civilizations, cultures, and traditions for millennia. Explore the dynamic narratives, landmarks, and pivotal moments that define Ancient India’s legacy. Unearth the roots of a diverse and vibrant civilization with ‘History of Ancient India: For First Semester FYUGP minor syllabus as New Education Policy.'”


    History of Ancient India : Dr. Suprity Barua Bhuyan & Dr. R. K. Sharma 

    A Textbook of History as Per FYUGP syllabus (NEP) . This book has been divided in 16 Chapters covering following Syllabus Key Contents : Unit 1: 1.1 Sources –Literary, archaeological and numismatics 1.2 Harappan Civilization –Origin and Extent, Major sites, Salient features, decline and transformation 1.3 Vedic Civilization- Society, Economy and Polity 1.4 Rise of the Territorial States – Janapadas and Mahajanapada Unit 2: 2.1 Ascendancy of Magadha- Haryanka and Nandas 2.2 Alexander’s Invasion of India. 2.3 Rise of the Mauryan Empire under Asoka, Asoka’s Dhamma 2.4 Mauryan System of Administration and decline Unit 3: 3.1 Political and economic Developments in the Post- Mauryan period – the Sungas, Kanvas, Kushanas and Satavahanas 3.2 The Tamils and Sangam Age. 3.3 The Sakas, Parthians and the Indo-Greeks in India 3.4 The Guptas and the Vakatakas Unit 4: 4.1 Developments in the post-Gupta period- Vardhanas, Palas and Pratiharas 4.2 The Pallavas, the Rashtrakutas and the Chalukyas 4.3 The Imperial Cholas 4.4 The Arabs and the Turks in Indian politics –Ghaznivids and the Ghorid Invasions

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