Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship


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1) Introduction to Management:
(i) Meaning and Concept
(ii) Functions of Management
(iii) Principles of Management
2) Leadership Decision Making & Communication:
i) Definition of Leader
ii) Functions of a leader
iii) Decision making – Definition
iv) Decision making process
v) Communication – definition, importance & types
3) Introduction to Cost:
i) Definition and classification of Cost
ii) Elements of Cost
iii) Break Even Analysis
4) Human Resource Management:
i) Meaning of manpower planning
ii) Recruitment and Selection procedure
iii) Payment of wages – factors determining the wage
iv) Methods of payment of wages – Time rate and Piece rate
v) Labour Turnover – definition, its causes, impact and remedy
5) Industrial Legislation:
i) Need of Industrial legislation
ii) Indian Factories Act – 1948 – Definition of Factory, main provisions regarding health, Safety
and Welfare of Workers
iii) Industrial Dispute Act – 1947 – Definition of Industrial dispute, Machineries for settlement
of Industrial dispute in India
6) Production Management:
i) Meaning of Production
ii) Production Management – definition, objectives, functions and scope
iii) Inventory Management, Basic idea
7) Marketing Management
i) Meaning and functions of marketing
ii) e-Commerce
iii) Channels of distribution
iv) Wholesale and retail trade

8) Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship:
i) Definition of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
ii) Qualities required by an entrepreneur
iii) Functions of an entrepreneur
iv) Entrepreneurial motivation
9) Forms of Business Organization:
i) Sole Trader– meaning, main features, merits and demerits
ii) Partnership– definition, features, merits and demerits
iii) Joint Stock Company– Definition, types, features, merits and demerits
10) Micro and Small Enterprises:
i) Definition of Micro & Small enterprises
ii) Meaning and characteristics of Micro and Small enterprise
iii) Scope of SSI with reference to self-employment
iv) Procedure to start SSI – idea generation, SWOT analysis
v) Selection of site for factories
11) Support to Entrepreneurs
a) Institutional support:
i) Introduction
ii) Sources of information and required application forms to set up SSIs
iii) Institutional support of various National & State level organizations– DICC, NSIC, IIE,
MSME – DI, Industrial Estates
b) Financial support:
i) Role of Commercial banks, RRB, IDBI, ICICI, SIDBI, NEDF
i), and State Financial Corporations
ii) Special incentives and subsidies for Entrepreneurship

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