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    Introducing English Drama


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    Introducing English Drama :  A English GEC Book for 2nd Undergraduate Students of Dibrugarh and Other Indian Universities as Per FYUGP (NEP) Syllabus


    Introducing English Drama :  A English GEC Book for 2nd Undergraduate Students of Dibrugarh and Other Indian Universities as Per FYUGP (NEP) Syllabus

    English Drama is a vibrant tapestry interwoven with the threads of history, culture, and human expression. It transcends time and space, offering windows into different epochs, societal norms, and human experiences. As we delve into the world of English Drama, we embark on a journey that not only enlightens us about the art form but also enriches our understanding of the human condition.

    This book, meticulously crafted to cater to the 2nd-semester curriculum of the General English Course (GEC) at Dibrugarh University under the First Year Undergraduate Programme (NEP), is a collaborative effort by Dr. S. Priya Dharisini and published by Mahaveer Publications. It aims to be a guiding light for students navigating through the labyrinth of English Drama.

    The syllabus outlined by Dibrugarh University encompasses various facets of English Drama, divided into four comprehensive units. The journey begins with an exploration of the rich tapestry of the "History of Drama." From the inception and evolution of drama in England to the intricacies of Elizabethan Playhouses, students will trace the trajectory of this art form through the annals of time.

    Unit 2 delves into the very essence of drama, dissecting its elemental components. Through Gustav Freytag’s Pyramid, students will decipher the anatomy of dramatic design, while exploring pivotal elements such as plot, character, setting, dialogue, and the nuances of dramatic presentation like prologue, epilogue, soliloquy, and asides.

    In Unit 3, students will navigate through the labyrinth of & quot; Theories of Drama,& quot; with a special focus on Aristotle’s seminal work, & quot; Poetics.& quot; This unit serves as a gateway to understanding the theoretical underpinnings that have shaped and guided the evolution of English Drama over centuries.

    The exploration culminates in Unit 4, where students are introduced to the diverse landscape of & quot; Types of Drama." From the cathartic tragedies of classical Greek theatre to the whimsical charm of romantic comedies, and
    from the avant-garde experimentation of epic theatre to the gritty realism of kitchen sink drama, students will traverse through the myriad genres and styles that define English Drama.


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