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    Master Guide to Judicial Service Examination Vol. 2 – 2020 Ed


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    Constitutional Law of India:            Topics                                                  No of Questions

    Indian Constitution: Preliminary; Constituent Assembly and Constitution50
    Union and its Territory: Articles 1-4, Citizenship: Articles 5-1132
    Fundamental Rights: Articles 12-35375
    Directive Principles of State Policy: Articles 36-5173
    Fundamental Duties: Article 51A39
    Union Executive: President, Vice-President, Council of Ministers, Attorney-General for India; State Executive: Governor, Council of Ministers, Advocate-General135
    Legislature: Parliament-Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Joint sitting of both Houses, Disqualification on Defection, Money Bills; State Legislature, Privileges of Legislature113
    Indian Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts158
    Comptroller and Auditor-General of India, Union Territories, Scheduled and Tribal Areas, Panchayats & Municipalities26
    Relations between the Union and the States: Articles 245-26340
    Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits: Articles 264-300A27
    Trade, Commerce and Intercourse: Articles 301-307/ Services under the Union and the States: Articles 308-323/ Tribunals: Articles 323A-323B29
    Elections: Articles 324-32924
    Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes: Articles 330-342/ Official Language: Articles 343-35118
    Emergency Provisions: Articles 352-360/ Miscellaneous: Articles 361-36741
    Amendment of the Constitution: Articles 368, Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions: Articles 369-39254
    Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi and Repeals: Articles 393-39523

    2. Indian Penal Code   :          Topics                                                                     No of Questions

    Crime: Definition, Essentials and Stages; Chapter I: Introduction (Sections 1-5)88
    Chapter II: General Explanations (Sections 6-52A)94
    Chapter III: Punishments (Sections 53-75)56
    Chapter IV: General Exceptions (Sections 76-106)163
    Chapter V: Abetment (Sections 107-120)51
    Chapter VA: Criminal Conspiracy (Sections 120A-120B)22
    Chapter VI: Offences against the State (Sections 121-130), Chapter VII: Offences relating to the Army, Navy and Air Force (Sections 131-140)26
    Chapter VIII: Offences against the Public Tranquillity (Sections 141-160), Chapter IX: Offences by or relating to Public Servants (Sections 161-171), Chapter X: Contempts of the Lawful Authority of Public Servants (Sections 172-190)81
    Chapter XI: False Evidence and Offences Against Public Justice (Sections 191-229A), Chapter XII: Offences Relating to Coin and Government Stamps (Sections 230-263A), Chapter XIII: Offences Relating to Weights and Measures (Sections 264-267), Chapter XIV: Offences Affecting the Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency And Morals (Sections 268-294A), Chapter XV: Offences Relating to Religion (Sections 295-298)71
    Chapter XVI: Offences Affecting the Human Body (Sections 299-377)357
    Chapter XVII: Offences against Property (Sections 378-462), Chapter XVIII: Offences relating to Documents and Property Marks (Sections 463-489E), Chapter XIX: The Criminal Breach of Contracts of Service (Sections 490-492)219
    Chapter XX: Offences relating to Marriage (Sections 493-498), Chapter XXA: Cruelty by Husband or Relatives of Husband (Sections 498A)34
    Chapter XXI: Defamation (Sections 499-502)18
    Chapter XXII: Criminal Intimidation, Insult and Annoyance (Sections 503-510)13
    Chapter XXIII: Attempts to Commit Offences (Section511)31

    3. Indian Contract Act                       Topics                                                             No of Questions

    Contract Law: Preliminary175
    Chapter I: Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of Proposals (Sections 3-9)44
    Chapter II: Contracts, Voidable Contracts and Void Agreements (Sections 10-30)290
    Chapter III: Contingent Contracts (Sections 31-36)32
    Chapter IV: Performance of Contracts (Sections 37-67)117
    Chapter V: Certain Relations Resembling those Created by Contract (Sections 68-72)56
    Chapter VI: Consequences of Breach of Contract (Sections 73-75)56
    Chapter VIII: Indemnity and Guarantee (Sections 124-147)41
    Chapter IX: Bailment (Sections 148-181)21
    Chapter X: Agency (Sections 182-238)38

    4. Jurisprudence                              Topics                                                      No of Questions

    Jurisprudence: Definition, Nature and Scope
    Schools of Jurisprudence:

    Natural Law School

    Analytical School

    Historical School

    Sociological School

    Philosophical School

    Realist School

    Schools of Jurisprudence: Miscellaneous

    Jurisprudence-Important Books

    Legal Concepts:

    Rights & Duties

    Legal Personality


    Possession and Ownership



    Law & Morality

    Law & Its Sources-Custom, Legislation, Precedent.



    5. Family Laws : Hindu Law, Muslim Law etc     Topics                             No. of Questions

    Hindu Law: Preliminary; Schools of Hindu Law29
    Marriage- Conditions for a Hindu Marriage, Ceremonies, Registration of Hindu Marriages, Restitution of Conjugal Right, Judicial Separation, Void & Voidable Marriages, Divorce217
    Minority and Guardianship33
    Muslim Law
    Muslim Law: Preliminary13
    Muslim Law: Sources12
    Marriage (Nikah)61
    Dower (Mahr)16
    Dissolution of Marriage49
    Maintenance (Nafkah)09
    Parentage, Custody & Guardianship18
    Gift (Hiba)11
    Will (Vasiyat)12
    Inheritance and Succession06
    Pre-emption (Sufa)06
    Family Law: Miscellaneous22


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