Mastering U.P. Judicial Service Examination


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Key Feature:Complete Success Package for UP Judicial Service with Total 7100 Chapter wise, Topic Wise Collection of MCQs asked in different Judicial & Other Law Competitive Examinations from All States of India, Solved with detailed explanations.

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  1. Jurisprudence        Total 438 MCQS                         Contents No. of Questions
    Jurisprudence: Definition, Nature and Scope     25
    Schools of Jurisprudence:
    Natural Law School
    Analytical School
    Historical School
    Sociological School
    Philosophical School
    Realist School
    Schools of Jurisprudence: Miscellaneous
    Jurisprudence-Important Books                             163
    Legal Concepts:
    Rights & Duties
    Legal Personality
    Possession and Ownership
    Law & Morality
    Law & Its Sources-Custom, Legislation, Precedent.
    Miscellaneous                                                 250

2) International Organisations        Total 201 MCQS
United Nations
General Assembly
Security Council
International Court of Justice
International Criminal Court
UN & Human Rights
Other International Organisations: EU, SAARC & BRICS etc.

3) Current International Affairs          Total 170 MCQS

4) Indian Constitution                                              Total 1168 MCQs
Indian Constitution: Preliminary; Constituent Assembly and Constitution 46
Preamble                                                                                                    53
Union and its Territory: Articles 1-4, Citizenship: Articles 5-11                   27
Fundamental Rights: Articles 12-35                                                         328
Directive Principles of State Policy: Articles 36-51                                    67
Fundamental Duties: Article 51A                                                              35
Union Executive: President, Vice-President, Council of Ministers, Attorney-General for India; State Executive: Governor, Council of Ministers, Advocate-General 120
Legislature: Parliament-Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Joint sitting of both Houses, Disqualification on Defection, Money Bills; State Legislature, Privileges of Legislature 94
Indian Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts 143
Comptroller and Auditor-General of India, Union Territories, Scheduled and Tribal Areas, Panchayats & Municipalities 22
Relations between the Union and the States: Articles 245-263 38
Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits: Articles 264-300A 23
Trade, Commerce and Intercourse: Articles 301-307/ Services under the Union and the States: Articles 308-323/ Tribunals: Articles 323A-323B 27
Elections: Articles 324-329 24
Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes: Articles 330-342/ Official Language: Articles 343-351 17
Emergency Provisions: Articles 352-360/ Miscellaneous: Articles 361-367 34
Amendment of the Constitution: Articles 368, Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions: Articles 369-392 52
Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi and Repeals: Articles 393-395 18

5) Transfer of Property Act                           Total 543 MCQs
General: Sections  1-4                                                        52
Transfers of Property by Act of Parties: Sections 5-53A   247
Sale: Sections 54-57                                                          19
Mortgages, Charges                                                           88
Leases, Exchanges                                                            54
Gifts                                                                                     51
Actionable Claims                                                                20
Miscellaneous                                                                      12

6) Indian Evidence Act                      Total 898 MCQs
Evidence Law: Introduction                          17
Evidence Act: Preliminary (Section 1-4)       86
Relevancy of Facts (Section 5-55)               332
Facts Which Need Not Be Proved (Section 56-58) 14
Oral Evidence (Section 59-60)                        10
Documentary Evidence (Section 61-90A)      104
Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence (Section 91-100) 13
Burden of Proof (Section 101-114A)              120
Estoppel (Section 115-117)                             18
Witnesses (Section 118-134)                           72
Examination of Witnesses (Section 135-166)  88
Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence (Section 167) 04
Miscellaneous                                                  20

7) Indian Penal Code                         Total 1,111 MCQs
Crime: Definition, Essentials and Stages; Chapter I: Introduction (Sections 1-5) 81
Chapter II: General Explanations (Sections 6-52A) 74
Chapter III: Punishments (Sections 53-75) 44
Chapter IV: General Exceptions (Sections 76-106) 146
Chapter V: Abetment (Sections 107-120) 44
Chapter VA: Criminal Conspiracy (Sections 120A-120B) 19
Chapter VI: Offences against the State (Sections 121-130), Chapter VII: Offences relating to the Army, Navy and Air Force (Sections 131-140) 21
Chapter VIII: Offences against the Public Tranquillity (Sections 141-160), Chapter IX: Offences by or relating to Public Servants (Sections 161-171), Chapter X: Contempts of the Lawful Authority of Public Servants (Sections 172-190)                                                                                                                                             65
Chapter XI: False Evidence and Offences Against Public Justice (Sections 191-229A), Chapter XII: Offences Relating to Coin and Government Stamps (Sections 230-263A), Chapter XIII: Offences Relating to Weights and Measures (Sections 264-267), Chapter XIV: Offences Affecting the Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency And Morals (Sections 268-294A), Chapter XV: Offences Relating to Religion (Sections 295-298) 54
Chapter XVI: Offences Affecting the Human Body (Sections 299-377)                                         284
Chapter XVII: Offences against Property (Sections 378-462), Chapter XVIII: Offences relating to Documents and Property Marks (Sections 463-489E), Chapter XIX: The Criminal Breach of Contracts of Service (Sections 490-492) 168
Chapter XX: Offences relating to Marriage (Sections 493-498), Chapter XXA: Cruelty by Husband or Relatives of Husband (Sections 498A)                                                                      30
Chapter XXI: Defamation (Sections 499-502)                                       15
Chapter XXII: Criminal Intimidation, Insult and Annoyance (Sections 503-510) 08
Chapter XXIII: Attempts to Commit Offences (Section511)                    24
Miscellaneous                                                                                         34

8) Civil Procedure Code            Total 965 MCQs

Civil Procedure: Introduction                                                      90

Civil Suits, Res Sub Judice, Res Judicata, Foreign Judgement 91
Place of Suing                                                                             45
Parties to Suits                                                                            25
Frame of Suits                                                                            09
Institution of Suits, Pleadings                                                    39
Plaint                                                                                          40
Abatement, Withdrawal and Dismissal of Suits                          38
Written Statement, Set-off and Counter-Claim                           47
Summons and Discovery                                                             24
Adjournment, Admissions, Production, Impounding and Return of Documents, Settlement of Issues, Interrogatories, Disposal of the Suit                                                                     39
Summoning and Attendance of Witnesses, Hearing of the Suit and Examination of Witnesses, Affidavits 26
Judgment and Decree, Interest, Costs                                        22
Execution of Decree                                                                   29
Precepts, Legal Representative                                                    28
Arrest, Detention, Attachment and Sale                                        54
Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Commissions                                 14
Suits by or against Government                                                      21
Suits by Aliens and by or against Foreign Rulers, Ambassadors and Envoys, Interpleader-Suit 17
Settlement of Disputes outside the Court                                         17
Public Nuisances and Other Wrongful Acts Affecting the Public, Supplemental Proceedings 10
Temporary Injunction                                                                        26
Appointment of Receiver, Interlocutory Orders, Compensation for Obtaining Arrest, Attachment or Injunction on Insufficient Grounds                  12             Appeal                                                                                             34
Setting aside decrees ex parte                                                        23
Reference, Review                                                                         20
Revision                                                                                         15
Suits by or against Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind             14
Suits by Indigent Persons                                                              10
Exemption from Personal Appearance, Summary Procedure            17
Restitution, Enlargement of Time                                                                 10
Caveat                                                                                                          17
Inherent Powers of Court, Amendment of Judgments, Decrees or Orders 18
Miscellaneous                                                                                              24

9) Criminal Procedure Code       Total 1048 MCQs
Criminal Procedure Code: Sections 1-5                          17
Bailable offence, Cognizable Offence, Complaint, Inquiry, Investigation, Judicial Proceeding, Non- Cognizable Offence, Offence, Police Report, Public Prosecutor, Summons Case, Victim, Warrant Case 92
Constitution of Criminal Courts and Offices: Sections 6-25A 27
Power of Courts: Sections 26-35; Powers of Superior Officers of Police: Sections 36-40 30
Arrest of Persons: Sections 41-60A 58
Processes to Compel Appearance & Production of Things: Sections 61-90; Processes to Compel the Production of Things: Sections 91-105 55
Security for Keeping the Peace and for Good Behaviour: Sections 106-124; Order for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents: Sections 125-128 60
Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquility: Sections 129-148 23
Information to the Police and their Powers to Investigate: Sections 154-176 133
Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials: Sections 177-189; Conditions requisite for Initiation of Proceedings: Sections 190-199; Complaints to Magistrates: Sections 200-203; Commencement of Proceedings before Magistrates: Sections 204-210 70
The Charge: Sections 211-224 34
Trial before a Court of Session: Sections 225-237; Trial of Warrant-Cases by Magistrates: Sections 238-250; Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates: Sections 251-259; Summary Trials: Sections 260-265 45
Plea Bargaining: Sections 265A-265L; Attendance of Persons Confined or Detained in Prisons: Sections 266-271; Evidence in Inquiries and Trials: Sections 272-299 47
General Provisions as to Inquiries and Trials: Sections 300-327; Provisions as to Accused Persons of Unsound Mind: Sections 328-339 122
The Judgment: Sections 353-365; Submission of Death Sentences for Confirmation: Sections 366-371 49
Appeals: Sections 372-394; Reference and Revision: Sections 395-405; Transfer of Criminal Cases: Sections 406-412 52
Bail and Bonds: Sections 436-450 40
Disposal of Property: Sections 451-459; Irregular Proceedings: Sections 460-466; Limitation for Taking Cognizance of Certain Offences: Sections 467-473 48
Inherent Powers of the High Court: Section 482; Miscellaneous 46

10) Law of Contracts        Total 658 MCQs
Contract Law: Preliminary                                  131
Chapter I: Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of Proposals (Sections 3-9) 33
Chapter II: Contracts, Voidable Contracts and Void Agreements (Sections 10-30) 211
Chapter III: Contingent Contracts (Sections 31-36) 25
Chapter IV: Performance of Contracts (Sections 37-67) 83
Chapter V: Certain Relations Resembling those Created by Contract (Sections 68-72) 44
Chapter VI: Consequences of Breach of Contract (Sections 73-75) 46
Chapter VIII: Indemnity and Guarantee (Sections 124-147) 29
Chapter IX: Bailment (Sections 148-181) 21
Chapter X: Agency (Sections 182-238) 23
Miscellaneous 12

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