Political Theory Concept and Debates


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This book has been written by Dr. Titus Bhengra as per CBCS BA 2nd Semester Political Science Honours Syllabus

Chapter 1 : Freedom:

Negative Freedom or Liberty;

Positive Freedom:

Freedom as Emancipation and Development,

freedom and other concepts-

  • Equality
  • Rights
  • Freedom of belief
  • Expression and dissent

Chapter 2: Equality


Types of Equality

  • Civil Equality
  • Social Equality
  • Political Equality
  • Economic Equality
  • Legal Equality
  • Formal Equality
  • Procedure Equality
  • Substantive Equality
  •  Equality of Opportunity

Political equality-in terms of political relations as citizens & Political Power distribution and influence


* Inequalities and Treatment

* Affirmative action

Chapter 3 : Indispensability of Justice –


Procedural Justice

Substantive or Distributive Justice

Difference between procedural and substantial justice

Theory of justice as Entitlement

Communitarian Critique on Justice

justice as Entitlement

Justice as capabilities and freedom

Feminist accounts of Justice

Global Justice

Capital Punishment

Chapter 4: The Universality of Rights

Natural Rights-Introduction, Meaning, Concept & Definitions

Kinds of Rights and their features

Contractual and teleological views of natural rights

Legal Rights-their difference from natural rights

Bill of Rights versus common law

UDHR as moral rights

Three Generation of Rights

Rights and Obligations

Rights of Girl Child

Chapter 5: Major Debates

 Relationship between State, Political Obligation and Civil Disobedience;

Challenges to the sovereignty of the State

Universality of Human Rights and Cultural Relativism

How do We accommodate Diversity in Plural Society?

Multiculturalism and Tolerance

Multiculturalism and the new wars of Religion (clashes of civilization)

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