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    Politics in North East India


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    Politics in North East India BY DR. TITUS BHENGRA


    The basic contents of this book :

    Unit 1:

    Emergence of North East as a Region, Geo political Features, Colonial Legacy, Heterogeneous character of North East Society & Its impact in politics, Tribal’s & Non tribal’s politics (Both Hills & Plain)

    Unit 2: Politics of Autonomy in Assam, Regionalism and Sub-regionalism, Demand for Autonomous State and Sixth Schedule, Demand for Separate State.

    Unit 3: Politics of Ethnicity in Assam , Politics of Migration, Identity Movements, Language Movement, Foreign National Movement, Secessionist and Insurgency Movements

    Unit 4: Electoral Politics, Emergence of Assamese Middle class and Their Mole in Politics, Role of Political Parties both National and Regional, Preserve Group’s.

    Unit 5: Border dispute in North East India with reference to border dispute between Assam and Nagaland , Assam and Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Inter State Conflicts

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