Practical Chemistry for Junior Engineers


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For 1st & 2nd Semester students of Polytechnic Students

1. Introduction To Laboratory Disciplines & Safety Precautions

2. Introduction To Basic Laboratory Equipments & Their Uses
Viva Questions with Answers 17
3. Preparation Of Standard Solution 18
(I) Preparation Of Standard Solution Of Na2CO3
Exp: 1.1: To Prepare 250 Ml Of 0.1 M Solution Of Na2CO3 18
Exp : 1.2: To Prepare 250 Ml Of 0.1 N Solution Of Na2CO3 18
(II) Preparation Of Standard Solution Of Oxalic Acid
Exp:1.3: To Prepare 250 Ml Of 0.1n Solution Of Oxalic Acid 21
Viva Questions With Answers 22

4. Titration 24
Exp: 1.4: To Determine The Strength Of H2so4 By Titration Against N/10 Na2CO3 22
Exp: 1.5: To Determine The Strength Of Naoh By Titration Against N/10 Hcl 26
Exp: 1.6 Redox Titration : KmnO4 Vs H2C2O4 29
Viva Questions With Answers 33
5. Determination of Hardness of Water By Edta Method 35
Viva Questions With Answers 42
6) Determination of Ph of A Solution By Using pH Meter 44
Viva Questions With Answers 57
7) Salt Analysis 60
Viva Questions With Answers 82
8) Determination Of Bod And Cod In A Sample Of Natural Water 84
Viva Questions With Answers 98
Appendix-I (Preparation Of Some Commonly Used Laboratory
Reagents (Alphabatically) 102
Appendix-II (Preparation Of Reagents For The Determination Of Biochemical Oxygen Demand 140
Appendix-III (List Of Atomic Masses Of The Elements
(Alphabatically) 143

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