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*Modes of Creative Writing

*Teaching in Elementary Level

*Prospects and Problems of Tourism in North East

*Entrepreneurship Development Promotional Agencies


Course Title : Modes of Creative Writings-II
Unit – I: Drama
1.1 Drama and Interaction
1.2 Different modes of Drama
1.3 Structure and Composition of Drama (Plot, Character, Meaning, Point of View and Design)
Unit – II: Poetry
2.1 Poetry and Meditation
2.2 Elements of Poetry (Metaphorical language, Music, Metrics etc.)
2.3 Composition of Poetry
Unit – III: Script Writing
3.1 Principles of Cinematic Narration
3.2 Some Key Concepts of Script for Films (Scene Heading, Action, Character,Dialogue, Parenthetical, Extensions, Transition, Shot)
3.3 Some Key Concepts of Script for Documentary (Shot, Index, Montage, Talkingheads)

Course Title:
(a) Preparation of Teaching-Learning Materials
(b) Question Paper Setting
(c) Micro teaching
Unit – I: Preparation of Teaching- learning Materials and Micro-Teaching
Unit – II: Question Paper Setting (Primary Level).
Unit – III: Micro-teaching

Course Title: Entrepreneurship Development Promotional Agencies
Unit – I: Promotional Agencies
1.1 Types of Entrepreneurial Development Promotional Agencies
1.2 Ideologies of these agencies
1.3 Governmental vs Non governmental Agencies
Unit – II: Institutional Support:
2.1 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (MSMEDO)                                                    2.2 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institution (MSMEDI)
2.3 District Industries and Commerce Centre (DICC)
2.4 Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Board (KVIC/KVIB)
Unit – III: Role of other Supporting Institutions:
3.1 NEDFi
3.3 IIE
3.4 Micro Finance Institutions

Course Title: Prospects and Problems of Tourism in North-East
Unit – I: Geography and History of Northeast, Rich Diversity in Landforms and Landscape,
Water Bodies, Flora and Fauna, Historical Account of the Places of Tourist Attraction
Unit – II: Places of Tourist Attraction in Northeast, Natural Tourist Spots, Places of Religious
Importance, Places of Historical Importance, Places of Geographical Importance,
Architectural Heritage, Tourist Festivals
Unit – III: Problems and Prospects of Tourism in Northeast, Present Position of the Tourism
Industry in Northeast- Growth of the Industry overtime, Its Contribution to the
Generation of State Revenue and Livelihood, Problems Faced by the Industry,
Prospects of Tourism in Northeast
Unit – IV: Centre and State Policy, Incentives Granted by Central and State Government for
the Tourism Industry in Northeast


Chapter Contributors:

*Deepasree Das Sarkar
Associate Professor & HOD
Department of English, Margherita College, Margherita, Assam
*Amar Upadhyaya
Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam
*Mousumi Sharma
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Dhemaji College, Dhemaji, Assam
*Krishanu Mahanta
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
J.D.S.G. College, Bokakhat, Assam
*Papori Borah
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
J.D.S.G. College, Bokakhat, Assam
*Nomami Dutta
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Gargaon College, Sivasagar, Assam
*Ashwini Machey
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
M.D.K.G. College, Dibrugarh, Assam

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