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    Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World


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    As Per CBCS BA 2nd Semester Syllabus History Honours Syllabus.

    UNIT-I                                                                                                     PAGE NO

    • Concept and chronology of Monarchy, Republic, and Empire in Rome:
      • Roman Civilization:
      • The Patricians and the Plebeians-Social Struggle:
      • Struggle between Rome and Carthage-Punic Wars:
      • Rise of Julius Caesar: fall of the Roman Republic:
    • Slave society and Agrarian economy


    • The society of early Rome

    1.02.02. Roman economy:

    1.03. Trade and Urbanization in Roman Empire

    • Trade and Economy:
      • Farming:

    UNIT: II

    2.01.01. Civil Wars in Rome-Decline and fall of Roman Republic:

    2.01.02. Rome under the Emperors: Government and Society during the Roman Republic: Administration System of Rome:

    • Contribution of the Roman Civilization:

    2.01.05. Religion in Ancient Rome:

    2.01.06. Culture in Rome: Art and Architecture during the Roman Monarchy period (753 BC-510 BC): Art and Literature in the Roman Republic (510 BC-27 BC): Art and architecture in Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD):

    • The Third-Century Crisis:

    2.08. The History of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire:


    3.00. Economic developments in Europe from the 7th to the 14th centuries:

    • Agriculture and Organization of production in the Middle Ages:

    3.02. Towns and trade, technological developments:

    3.02.01. Growth of the Medieval Towns of Europe:

    3.02.02. Trade and Commerce:

    3.02.03. Technological developments during medieval period:

    3.03. Crisis of Feudalism

    3.04. Peasants’ Revolt:

    • Economy:

    3.06. Arab Contribution towards science and technology to Civilization:

    3.07. Chinese contribution to the world:


    4.01. Expansion of Christianity

    4.02. Development of the Catholic Church:

    4.03. Religion, Culture and Society in Medieval Europe

    4.03.01. Religion in the Middle Ages.

    4.04. Culture in Medieval Europe

    4.05. Society in Medieval Europe


    5.01.01. Sources to understand the History of central Islamic land

    5.01.02. Ummah

    5.01.03. Caliphate state Emergence of Islam:

    5.04 Break-up of the Caliphate and the Rise of Sultanates

    5.02.01. Religious Developments: The origins of Shariah:

    5.02.02. The Mihna

    5.02.03. Sufism

    5.03. Urbanization and trade

    5.04. Learning and Culture


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