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    A Basic course in Mathematics for Polytechnic Volume 3


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    This book has been written according to Latest syllabus issued by Board of Technical Education for 3rd Semester Students of Various Polytechnic Colleges of India.


    Chapter 1: Partial Differentiation

    Chapter 2: Differential Equation

    Chapter 3: Ordinary Differential Equations of First Order & First Degree

    Chapter 4: Differential Equations of First Order & Higher Degree

    Chapter 5: Differential Equations of Second Order

    Chapter 6: Measures of Central Tendency

    Chapter 7: Measures of Dispersion

    Chapter 8: Correlation

    Chapter 9: Probability

    Chapter 10: Graphics

    Chapter 11: Matrix

    Chapter 12: Linear Programming Problems (Basics)

    Solved Question Papers of Previous Years


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