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    Education : Class 11


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    A Comprehensive book for Class 11 Assam Higher Secondary Students by Dr. Sunita Agarwalla


    Unit-1 :Concept and Aims of Education : a)Meaning, definition, scope and types of education. b)Aims of education – Individual, Social, Vocational and Democratic aim.5 c)Relation with Biology. Sociology. Philosophy,Economics and Statistics.

    Unit-2 :Stages of Human Development : a)Infancy b)Childhood  c)Adolescence

    Unit-3 :School and its Organization : a)Physical resources – School building and equipment, library, role of technology in education (computer, internet, E-mail,teleconferencing, website)b)Human Resources: Teacher – Multiple role of teacher as motivator, Facilitator, Counselor, Innovator, Their role in the school and society. Students- Their role in the -school and society. c)Guiding agencies- NCERT, UGC, SCERT, DIET d)Curriculum- Concept and need, principles of curriculum construction, co-curricular activities.

    Unit-4 :Psychology and Education : a)Concept, scope and relation between Education and Psychology. b)Educational Psychology and its significance.

    Unit-5 : Physical basis of Mental life : a)Central Nervous System. b)Receptors and effectors. c)Knowing process – concept of sensation perception and conception.

    Unit-6 : Bases and Direction of Human behaviour : a)Concept of Needs, Drives, Instinct and Emotion. b)Habit- Its importance, Formation and dissolution of bad habits.

    Unit-7 : Primary education in India and Assam : a)Indigenous systems of education (Gurukula, Pathsala, Tol,Satra Maktab & Madrassa, Monitorial system),Missionary contribution towards education in Assam. b)Charter Act of 1813, Woods Dispatch of 1854, unterCommission of 1882, Lord Curzon’s Policy of 1901, Gokhale’scontribution to primary education, Wardha Scheme of 1935,Primary Education Act in Assam 1926. c)Universalisation of Primary education since Independence

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