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“A Guide to Alternative English (Seasons and An Inspector Calls) for Class 11” serves as a valuable resource for students studying Alternative English in Class 11 as per the curriculum set by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the prescribed literary works, fostering critical thinking, literary interpretation, and effective communication skills. This book aims to guide students in their journey of understanding and appreciating these significant literary works, while also preparing them for examinations and academic success.

“A Guide to Alternative English (Seasons and An Inspector Calls) for Class 11”:

Key content:

Selected Prose (Marks – 45)
1. The Suitor and Papa Anton Chekov
2. Life and Learning George Bernard Shaw
3. The Queen of The Village Jim Corbett
4. On Saying Please A.G. Gardiner
5. How it happened Arthur Conan Doyle
6. The Captive Harekrishna Deka
Selected Poetry (Marks – 25)
1. When Autumn Came Faiz Ahmed Faiz
2. Caged Bird Maya Angelou
3. Lines Written in Early Spring William Words Worth
4. The Divine image William Blake
5. The Light of other Days Thomas Moore
1. An Inspector Calls – J.B. Priestly




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