Environmental Education


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For Class 11 Students of AHSEC & Polytechnic 3rd Sem (EE) Syllabus. With Field Study Methods and Preparation of Project Reports


1: Basic Concept of Environment
Environment – Definition and Concept of Environment, Components of Environment, Types of Environment, Environmental Education, Principle of Environmental Education, Environmental Education- Multidisciplinary Nature, Need of Environment.
Unit- 2: Ecological Concept
Ecology, Levels of Organization in Ecology, Ecosystem, Size of Ecosystem, Characteristics of Ecosystem, Type of Ecosystem, Components and Structure of Ecosystem, Functions of Ecosystem, Food Chain, Food Web, Trophic Level and Ecological Pyramids.
Unit- 3: Biodiversity and Its Conservation
What is Biodiversity?, Levels of Biodiversityspecies, genetic, ecosystem, landscape, molecular
diversity, Importance and Value of Biodiversity, Biodiversity Hotspots, Threat to Biodiversity,
Biodiversity in India, Conservation of Biodiversity
Unit- 4: Natural Resources
Natural Resources, Classification of Natural Resources, Natural resources of India- Mineral
Resources, Forest Resources and Water Resources, Conservation of Natural Resources.
Unit- 5: Environmental Pollution
What is pollution?, Classification and Types of Pollution, Sources of Pollution, Characteristics of
Pollutants, Soil pollution, Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Solid Waste Pollution,
Green House Effects, Global warming, Climate Change, Ozone Hole, Acid Rain.
Unit- 6: Social Issues and Environment
Sustainable Development, Energy Utilization and Conservation, Rain Water Harvesting, Environment
and Health, Disaster Management, Population, Poverty and Literacy.
Unit-7: Field Study and Project Work
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