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    Experimental Psychology with Laboratory Practical


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    Experimental psychology :
    1.1.Meaning, nature and scope of experimental psychology.
    1.2.Origin of psychological experiment.
    1.3.Uses and Application of psychological experiments in the field of education.
    1.4.Conducting and Reporting of psychological experiments.
    1.5.Procedure of conducting and Reporting of Psychological Experiments.
     Title.
     Statement of objectives.
     Hypotheses
     Historical and theoretical background
     Experimental Design.
     Methodology and procedure.
     Introspective Report.
     Result, discussion, observation and Conclusion

    Memory :
    2.1 Meaning and nature of memory
    2.2 Types of memory (Long Term Memory & Short Term Memory)
    2.3 Factors affecting memory
    2.4 Memory span
    2.5 Historical background of testing memory
    2.6 Testing of Memory.
    a) Memory span for digits.
    b) Memory span for letters.
    c) Memory span for words and Non-sense syllables
    d) Recall and Recognition

    Attention :
    3.1 Concept of attention
    3.2 Types of attention (Selective attention, Alternating attention & Divided attention)
    3.3 Conditions of attention                                                                                                                                                                 3.4 Span of attention
    3.5 Historical and theoretical background of
    testing attention
    3.6 Testing of attention
    a. Division of attention
    b. Span of apprehension
    c. Distraction of attention

    Learning :
    4.1 Concept of learning
    4.2Types of learning (Visual, Aural,Verbal, Physical)
    4.3 Historical background of testing learning
    4.4 Testing of learning
    a. Mirror Learning
    b. Maze learning
    c. Part and whole method
    d. Mass Vs Space practice

    Personality :
    5.1 Concept of personality
    5.2 Historical background of personality assessment
    5.3 Different methods of assessment of personality (Subjective, Objective & Projective Method)
    5.4 Testing of personality
    a. Rating scale
    b. Interview
    c. Rorschach Ink-blot Test
    d. Thematic Apperception Test
    e. Free and Controlled Association
    f. Free Vs Controlled Association

    Intelligence :
    6.1 Concept of Intelligence.
    6.2. Historical background of intelligence Testing.
    6.3. Testing of Intelligence
    a. Koh’s Block Design Test.
    b. Alexander’s Pass Along Test
    c. One Group Intelligence Test(Linguistic Intelligence)

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