History of India – III


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Historical Geography

Sources: Texts, Epigraphic and Numismatic Data Debates on Indian Feudalism

Rise of the Rajputs and the nature of the State

Rashtrakkutas, Palas, Pratiharas

a) Evolution of political structures: Cholas: State and Administration

b) Rajputs

c) The Cholas Empire

(b) Legitimization of kingship; Brahmanas and Temples; Royal Genealogies and Rituals

(c) Arab conquest of Sindh: nature and impact of the new set-up; Ismaili dawah

(d) Causes and consequences of early Turkish invasions: Mahmud of Ghazna; Shahab-ud-Din of Ghaur

a) Agricultural expansion; crops

(b) Landlords and Peasants

(c) Proliferation of Castes; status of Untouchables

(d) Debates on Indian Feudalism

(a) Inter-regional Trade

(b) Maritime Trade

(c) Forms of Exchange

(d) Process of Urbanization

(e) Merchant guilds of South India

(a) Bhakti, Tantrism, Puranic traditions; Buddhism and Jainism; Popular religious cults

(b) Islamic intellectual traditions: Al-Biruni; Al-Hujwiri

(c) Regional Languages and Literature

(d) Art and Architecture: Evolution of Regional Styles

(e) Culture and Civilisation of India During 650-1200 A D

(f) Religious Condition of India during 650-1200 A D

(g) Progress of Literature in India during 650 – 1200 A.D.


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