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    History of India 1 : Pre-History to C.300 BCE


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    History of India 1 : Pre-History to C.300 BCE 


    History of India 1 : Pre-History to C.300 BCE 

    contents :
    Unit-1: Introduction to Indian Prehistory:
    1.1 Defining Prehistory and Protohistory
    1.2 Environmental factors and human evolution in Indian prehistory
    1.3 Sources of Indian prehistory- Stone tools, bones, potsherds, artefacts
    1.4 Introduction to dating techniques (Radiocarbon dating, TL dating, K-AR dating, Paleomagnetic dating) Unit- 2: Prehistoric India- Huntergatherers to Food producers
    2.1 Paleolithic cultures-distribution of sites- tools, techniques and subsistence pattern
    2.2 Mesolithic cultures-distribution of sites-tools, technique and subsistence pattern
    2.3 Neolithic cultures in Indiadistribution of sites-tools, techniques and subsistence pattern
    2.4 Chalcolithic cultures in India (Non-Harappan)- Megalithic cultures- distribution of sites
    Unit- 3: TheHarappan civilization
    3.1 Phases of Harappan Civilization-Geography and Chronology
    3.2 Urban features of Harappan civilization
    3.3 Harappan art and architecture
    3.4 Urban decline and the late/post- Harappan traditions.
    Unit-4: Cultures in transition
    4.1 Northern India (c.1500-600 BCE)- Vedic and post-Vedic period- society, religion, polity and economy
    4.2 Early Territorial states (c. 600- 300 BCE)-Trade and Urban centers
    4.3 Philosophical traditions- Buddhism and Jainism, Ajivika, Carvakas
    4.4 South India (c. 300 BCE -CE 300)

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